Thelonious Monk on Racism and Hatred 

Thelonious Monk was an innovative musician to say the least.  He also made this observation about racism and hatred:

"When I was a kid, some of the guys would try to get me to hate white people for what they've been doing to Negroes, and for a while I tried real hard. But every time I got to hating them, some white guy would come along and mess the whole thing up." (Source)

Individuals are more than the groups we assign each other to. 

How Does Soundcloud Make Money? 

Many musicians, including myself, have posted their music on Soundcloud.

For years there have been rumors that the company might be going out of business.  It appears from this article that Soundcloud is improving financially and a recovery is in progress.


A company spokesperson told MBW:  “SoundCloud’s 2018 annual report filed to Companies House shows substantial revenue growth and continued loss reductions vs. 2017. 

“2019 results will be filed later this year, but we are pleased to report SoundCloud surpassed its full-year growth plans for the second year in a row [in 2018], increasing revenue to $127m (€108m). 

“We look forward to continuing to grow SoundCloud’s unique creator-driven ecosystem and business in the year ahead.”


It's an interesting article if you want to know more about Soundscloud is staying alive in the very competitive streaming world.




California's Gig Worker Law Punishes Independent Musicians and Rewards the Politically Well-connected with Exemptions 

The California Gig Economy law which sounds like a well-intended safety net for independent workers will end up harming many independent musicians and artists.

San Jose Jazz is best known for producing our large Summer Fest which brings tens of thousands of visitors and requires hundreds of temporary roles to execute. 

The vast majority of previously contract work roles will now be required to be employees. 

For instance, we are required by the City of San Jose to hire off-duty police officers through their Secondary Employment Unit program to insure a safe and well-run festival. Under AB 5 we will be required to classify these moonlighting officers as San Jose Jazz employees with the attendant oversight and administrative requirements. 

Typical of such legislation, AB 5 comes with a hefty list of exempted categories that are a Who’s Who of the politically connected and well-funded: lawyers, doctors, accountants, brokers, builders, and others. 

Actors, choreographers, dancers, directors, producers, and musicians are among numerous roles in the performing arts that exhibit a multitude of contract work arrangements. None of these are exempt from AB 5’s rules. 

The cultural sector is full of various work arrangements, some as employee others as contractor, that have evolved over decades to accommodate artist’s unique crafts and artistic products and services. AB 5 runs roughshod over all of these arrangements. 

Beyond the financial, legal, and administrative mess created by AB 5, communities face even more profound threats from the new law. Segments of our cultural and civic life are at risk of going out of existence.

This is the kind of government over-reach that turned me into a libertarian.  Don't musicians have a hard enough time making money now that streaming has mostly replaced buying music?  Many could still make money from performing, but now it appears they will have to work for somebody else if they want a job.

Living in Troubled Times  

With President Trump ordering the killing of Qasem Soleimani and the Iranian government retaliating by bombing a US airbase in Iraq, we are finding ourselves perilously close to a war that would be harmful to all parties involved and many innocent people around the globe as well.

It was my belief that events like this were inevitable that inspired me to write "A Better Life", my most recent release, which expresses my distress about the state or world affairs.  The song is unique in that it uses the Morse Code for SOS as the underlying rhythm of the song.  Morse Code is the universal distress signal and SOS is three dots, three dashes, three dots.

I'm disappointed that I have not been able to get people to listen to it in any meaningful numbers.  It can't be said that people don't like the song because they'd have to listen to it in order to know that and I haven't been able to get people to listen.  The few people who have listened are as puzzled as I am that a song so timely, well-conceived and produced has garnered so little attention.

You can hear it on this site or any any streaming service including Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and Bandcamp.  Take advantage of the free download.  Please listen to it and tell me what you think.  And please share it!


From Hostbaby to Bandzoogle is now being hosted by Bandzoogle.

There will be a lot of changes coming in the near future.  Be sure to check back frequently to watch the site evolve.  And be sure to listen to some of the music while you're here.

In Memory of Steve Ambroise, Canadian Singer-songwriter 

Sadly, an amazing Canadian songwriter, Steve Ambroise (1961-2019) left us this week.  Fortunately his many excellent songs are still with us so we can remember just how extraordinary his music is.  Give his work a good listen at Reverbnation or any any other place you can find him. 

He was always teased about how much he sounds like Neil Young.

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