Why I'm Supporting Mike Bloomberg for President

As I write this, Bernie Sanders is winning a big victory in the Nevada Caucuses.  This is on top of his victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.  These victories and the "debate" in Las Vegas, which was more like a WWE smack-down inspired me to do some research. I only wish that the MSM would provide us with this information, but they seem more interested in making politics a form of reality TV entertainment.

Bernie’s experience is that he was mayor of Burlington, VT in the 80’s. He was well-regarded according to Wikipedia. But the 2018 population of Burlington is just 42K, which makes it less than half the size of Mayor Pete’s city of South Bend. 

Bernie went on to be US Senator from Vermont, a state that currently has only 626K residents who are 94% white. The 2010 census found it was the second whitest state in the country. 

Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City for three 4-year terms. It currently has a population of over 8 million people. 2010 Census found it is 45% white (33% non-Hispanic white), 26% black, 33% Hispanic of all types, 12% Asian. As mayor he guided the recovery of the city from 9/11 and also through the financial crisis after the housing bubble popped. New York City is much closer ethnically to the type of country that most liberals say they want. Bloomberg has already governed such a place successfully for 12 years and managed his multi-billion dollar company to boot. His successes as both a public and private executive leave all the other candidates and President Trump looking like inexperienced amateurs. Is it any wonder that Elizabeth Warren and the rest of them want to keep the focus on NDAs and the fact that he’s a billionaire? 

I like a lot about Elizabeth Warren.  She's great at articulating many of the inequities in the marketplace and soceity at large.  She's got plans.  She's got so many plans I wonder if we'll have any freedom to make any plans for our own lives.  But more important is how self-serving she was in the Las Vegas debate.  She knows that Bloomberg's experience and his money are a threat to her campaign as well as the campaigns of the other Democratic candidates.  She wants us to believe that Bloomberg, with all his experience and money, is the least electable of all the candidates.  Check the polls.  She ranks below him in current national polls. Current polls for Bloomberg-Trump.  Current Warren-Trump polls.  Look at the trends.  Trump has been gaining ground on Warren but Bloomberg has been gaining ground on Trump even though he's been in the race for a much shorter period of time.  In tonight's Nevada caucus, Warren is currently in fourth place.  She won't beat Trump from fourth place in primaries.

Rather than fight for the Democrats to beat Trump, which they all claim is their common goal, she attacks Bloomberg for his Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).  He was totally unprepared and that showed.  

NDAs exist so that those who accept a settlement (instead of going to trial) can’t continue to make the same allegations for the rest of the defendant’s life after they’ve settled over them. It’s called moving forward. I’m sure Warren likes to move forward from her Pocahontas days.  In addition, Warren is a lawyer.  She knows the purpose of them, but she's out to get the one person who can beat Trump.

None of these candidates are perfect and they all have some strong points. But after doing this research, I know who is best qualified to sit in the White House. Even if he can’t debate well, he has a history of governing well.

I should add that for years I have felt like I didn't have a political party and have generally voted for third party candidates rather than Democrats or Republicans. I still don't feel like I have a party.  I also don't hate Trump like many liberals and enjoy when his actions challenge the status quo, albeit often like a bull in the china shop.  I do think he's becoming increasingly unhinged, however, and I'm concerned about what he will do in a second term when he doesn't have to worry about impressing voters, not even his own loyal base.

I think a change is necessary.  Bernie Sanders is the Donald Trump of the left.  He has huge rallies with loyal fired-up followers who are looking for a savior.  In interviews he's been unable and/or unwilling to explain how he's pay for all the "free" stuff he promises. He suggests he'll get "them" to pay for it.  The billionaires?  It's like Trump and his border wall.  He was going to make Mexico pay for it.  It hasn't happened and the taxpayers are footing the bill.  He's also divisive just like Trump. Bloomberg is not perfect but he's the best chance the Democrats have.  Most importantly, he's the most qualified.

Trump tweeted his congratulations to Bernie on his Nevada caucus win.  He wants Bernie to be the nominee because he thinks he'll be the easiest to beat.


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