What to Write About in Your Songs

I have this problem and I'm sure many other songwriters do as well.  What do I write about?

I've long been an admirer of Joni Mitchell and one of the things that I love about her work is her ability to tell stories by creating vivid pictures with her lyrics.  

This article from the Reverbnation Blog give some tips on finding subject matter for you songs.  Here are the four tips.  Go to the article to read the details.

  1. Write a fictional story and develop characters
  2. Make music about your family
  3. Find something interesting in your daily routine
  4. Write about your struggle

Joni often used an entire song as metaphor.  I'm thinking of Electricity (For the Roses) or You Turn Me On I'm a Radio (For the Roses) and A Case of You (Blue). There are too many others to mention, it was such a big part of her songwriting talent.

Of course, Joni wasn't the only songwriter who did this, but she did it consistently and over many albums. But it makes for a great song that stays interesting and thought-provoking for decades to come.

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