Living in Kirkland, WA with Coronavirus (COVID-19)

I live only 20 miles from Kirkland, WA which is currently the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in Washington State.  It is also where most of the deaths have occurred in the US so far.

Just last month this disease was almost exclusively in China.  How quickly things have changed.

Check this article if you want to get some idea of what life in Kirkland is like right now.  From the LA Times:

KIRKLAND, Wash. — 

Parents keep their children inside. Few people shake hands anymore. More than two dozen firefighters remain in quarantine. Restaurants and hair salons are close to empty. 

Such is life in Kirkland, Wash., the suburb just east of Seattle known for its folksy downtown and spectacular lakefront views, but now above all as the U.S. epicenter of COVID-19. 

Of the 11 U.S. deaths from the coronavirus epidemic, eight were residents of a local nursing home that is struggling to care for others who may have been infected. An additional death occurred at a Kirkland hospital.

I'm wondering if all the cities around here, and countless more around the country will soon be like Kirkland.

Most of the serious cases and deaths occur in elderly people with underlying health conditions.  That's good news for healthy people less than 60. Even if they get it, their symptoms may be relatively mild or even so mild that they aren't noticed.  But that presents a problem because such people can spread the virus even though they don't know they have it.

I think it's also safe to assume that these numbers from Johns Hopkins University understate the reality of the situation.  Is is realistic to assume that the authorities know all the cases around the entire planet, even from areas of the world that have no well-developed healthcare system or a government that has any interest in monitoring and reporting these numbers accurately?  I think not!

What if a country needs foreign travelers to keep its economy afloat?  Do they want the world to know that a lot of their citizens are getting sick from coronavirus?  Remember how China tried to suppess their numbers and it only made matters worse?

Global cases: 95,416

Deaths: 3,285

Check previous posts on this blog to see how quickly this map has been changing as the spread of the virus accelerates.

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