Everybody Should Wear a Mask and Gloves for COVID-19

The official recommendation is that masks don't do any good for the little people who just want to avoid getting or transmitting coronavirus which causes COVID-19.

The first thing the government should have done was to get medical grade masks and gloves to everyone.  It should have been much easier can cheaper than all the other things they are trying but it didn't happen.  Instead they just try to make people feel powerless which also makes people afraid.

This excellent article in the Washington Post, written by a research scientist at the University of San Francisco, shoots down the idea that masks do no good and advocates that even a DIY mask is better than nothing at all:

When I first started wearing a mask in public, I felt a bit odd. But I reminded myself I’m helping my community, and I’m sure in the coming weeks people who don’t wear masks will be the ones who feel out of place. Now I’m trying to encourage everyone to join me — and to get their friends to wear masks, too — with a social media campaign around #masks4all.

The government should be supplying them to everyone, first to medical personnel, then to everyone else. They aren't complicated or expensive to make and many millions could be produced in a short time.

Doctors and nurses use them to protect themselves and their patients.  They would work for everybody else, too.  Until that happens why not empower ourselves by DIY.


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