Bette Davis Praises the Studio System on Johnny Carson

Bette Davis has some very interesting things to say about the studio system in this interview on Johnny Carson.  She praises it for young actors as a way to learn the craft while getting a steady paycheck.

Be Like Sweden

When it comes to dealing with COVID-19, we should all be more like Sweden.  They always kept their young kids in school and had limited lockdowns.  They had a large number of deaths in the beginning but now they have…

5-21-2020 - When A Vaccine is More Dangerous Than the Disease

The media has done a great job of whipping up fear and hysteria around the coronavirus and the disease it causes, COVID-19.

The government is throwing billions of dollars into developing a vaccine and there is much discussion among drug…

5-4-2020 Over 1.1 Million Have Recovered from COVID-19

While this number is certainly smaller than the actual number, it's great to see that over 1.1 million people around the world have recovered from COVID-19 caused by the coronavirus currently sweeping the globe.

Here is today's chart:

President Trump…

4-5-2020 More Good News on Recoveries

There are now more than 260,000 recoveries from COVID-19.  This number is certainly too low given that anybody who had a case that hasn't been detected because they had minimal or no symptoms has not been counted.

Today's map from…


DIY Cloth Face Mask - No Sewing Required

You can make this simple cloth face mask to cover your face when out in public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

You only need a napkin, scarf or some other square piece of fabric that is big enough to do the…


Head of Chinese CDC: Not Wearing Masks is a Mistake

Dr. George Gao, the Director of the Chinese CDC says that the US and Europe are making a big mistake not wearing masks to fight the spread of COVID-19.

This ABC News report says that even Dr. Anthony Fauci and…