Update 2-3-2020: The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak vs. Human Population Growth

The new numbers released today indicated that 20,209 people are infected with the Wuhan coronavirus and 426 people have died as of today, 2-3-2020.  That's a 39% increase in infections from just two days ago and a 40% increase in deaths. The mortality rate has remained fairly constant at 2% but it's still too early to have an exact figure for that.

That's a very large increase in infections and deaths but consider this:  The human population on our planet is about 7.8 billion.  In 1960 is was 3 billion.  In just 60 years the human population has increased by 160% causing the extinction of many other species, widespread pollution, and climate change if you believe what climate scientists are saying.  You have to ask yourself what is the real plague on our planet?

If every person on the planet was infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (and that won't happen) and the 2% mortality rate remained constant, only 156 million people would die from this pandemic.  That is a drop in the bucket that would make very little difference in the impact that human population growth is having on the planet.  Current population growth is 81 million per year so it would only take about two years to replace those 156 million people.

What chart is more frightening?  The chart above which shows the spread of Wuhan coronavirus or this one which shows the growth of human population.

In addition, as I noted in a previous post, the annual influenza virus has already killed thousands of people just in the US.  Between that fact and the exponential growth of human population, Wuhan coronavirus seems to be minor threat at this time.

While you're here, have a listen to my music including my lastest song, "A Better Life."  The underlying rhythm of the song is the Morse Code for SOS, the universal distress signal.  It was released months before the coronavirus outbreak.  


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