Update 2-10-2020: Coronavirus Deaths Top 1,000

Today that number of people diagnosed with Wuhan Coronanavirus topped 43,000 and the number of people who ave died topped 1,000.  It is also the first day when the number of deaths increased by more than 100 in one day. Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has remained out of sight throughout the outbreak, appeared in public wearing a face mask.  The WHO chief warned that this could be the "tip of the iceberg."  

Here's today's map:


A cruise ship docked in Japan added 66 to its list of infected passengers, bringing the total to 136.

There is an ethical problem with forcing healthy people to stay in a confined space where they are more likely to catch a disease and possibly die from it.  Nobody seems to be talking about this.  I think is will become a big issue in the future as more people are confined and especially if the virus gets into poor areas like the slums of India or impoverished areas in Africa, where there is no healthcare and no way to determine who is infected and who isn't or how to treat people who are sick.

I can imagine that such places will use the military to try and keep people in a confined area and that it will fail.  The human desire to survive will compel people to escape.  More on this subject later.

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