Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Released from Hospital

Since most people who are infected with coronavirus (COVID-19) develop a resistance to it and recover, it is not a surprise that actor Tom Hanks and his wife, actress/singer Rita Wilson have been released from the hospital in Australia, after testing positive for the virus.  They are now self-quarantining at their home in Australia.

When they fully recover they should possess a natural immunity to COVID-19 and will be free to go about their lives without concern for getting infected and possibly dying.  They also should not be able to infect others with virus from their own bodies though I can think of ways they might transfer the virus from an infected person to an uninfected person. Shaking hands with an infected person and then shaking hands with an uninfected person is an example.

They are not the only celebrities to become infected.  I hope that people pay attention to the recoveries of celebrities.  As they see more an more people recover and become immune to the virus, they will realize that getting infected, and becoming a person who will help end the pandemic might be better than constantly living in isolation and fear.  There has to be a better balance between social isolation and completely shutting down life and the economy, and helping healthy people successfully get a natural immunity to COVID-19.  Such people are the key to beating this pandemic.

It's also important that both Tom and Rita are over 60 and it has been reported that they both have underlying health conditions.  If you believe the media on this, you would think they should both be dead.  Remember that about 98% of those who get infected do survive and become naturally immune.

All the best to Tom and Rita and the thousands of others who have recovered and are in the process of recovering right now. 

There is evidence that "undocumented cases" are the cause of most new infections.  Those are people who have the virus without significant symptoms.  The fact that they haven't been detected means they are not included in the statistics for total cases, or the number of people who have "recovered" from the pandemic.  This makes the mortality rate look higher than it really is.

It might be tempting to think that the undocumented cases are the cause of the epidemic.  COVID-19 is the cause.  Some might think that they should be identified as soon as possible and quarantined.  But the fact is from a biological and genetic viewpoint, they are the solution to the problem.  They possess a genetic resistance to this disease.  They should be celebrated because they are the salvation of our species with regard to COVID-19 and probably other closely related pathogens.  They will probably pass their resistance on to their offspring.


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