Slippery Pig Open Mic on October 18th

I went to the open mic at the Slippery Pig Brewery in Poulsbo, WA on Tuesday night.  It has been over two months since I last performed live.

The last few times I was there, very few musicians showed up and the crowd was small.  Tuesday was a welcome surprise because the roster was full and there were some excellent players.

It was the first time that I've ever played keyboard at an open mic.  I usually play guitar.  It sounded very good through the sound system, but on my final song, Your Face, which uses one of the canned rhythm tracks the bass was too loud and it sounded really distorted.  The people at the front table also said it was too loud.  But they must have heard the song because they said they loved it.  Always good to hear that!

I was promoting my new album, Billion Dollar Pill, which you can listen to on the music tab.  It's also on Spotify and Apple Music as well as iTunes, Amazon and YouTube.


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