New Album to be Released in January

My new album, "Isolated Incidents," will be released early in January, hopefully around the 7th.  It is very different from "Billion Dollar Pill."  It is instrumental, free-form improvisations on an Animoog synthesizer app.  The tracks start and one place and end at another, often paying little attention to typical musical conventions like time signature and key signature.  They are inspired by all the things that happen every day in nature that have their own rhythm and melody.  Traditional musical forms that are noted and require a musician to play the piece in a very specific way are authoritarian by design.  The tracks on "Isolated Incidents" are only intended to be played once and never repeated in the exact same way again.

There are some similarities with the work of John Cage, Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins, though Hopkins and Eno are generally more structured.

Here is a picture of the cover.

So check back after January 7th and give it a listen.

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