More Talk About Natural Immunity to COVID-19 As More People Survive

I've been writing about natural immunity to COVID-19 since January 26, 2020.  That's two month ago.

As more people survive, the media is starting to focus on them and how valuable their immunity will be in winning the battle against the coronavirus pandemic.

This video is from CBS News and talks about the antibodies the survivors carry.  According to Johns Hopkins University, there are now 131,700 survivors around the world.  I'm sure there are many more because, as this video points out, there are probably plenty of people who had the virus and never knew it.  As antibody tests become more available, we will be able to identify them. 

The woman in this video who survived COVID-19 says she feels like Superwoman.   There will soon be many more like her.


Here is today's map from Johns Hopkins University.

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