How to Build a Mid-Century Modern Sideboard from a Kit

I always have to be making something so another thing I like to do is make furniture.  I recently built a Mid-century Modern sideboard/buffet from a kit I bought on

I did study furniture design and woodworking when I was in my 20's (a long time ago) and I've built some wonderful pieces from fine woods using traditional hand-cut joinery.  But with COVID-19 I don't have access to the community woodworking shop that belong to.  So I decided to build something from a kit, which while lacking the quality of a totally handcrafted piece, it is much less expensive, easier and less time consuming to build. I was pleased with how it turned out.

I also made videos of the process and posted them on my YouTube channel.

Here is the unboxing video:

Here is the construction video:

Enjoy!  And feel free to comment.

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