Hong Kong Scientist Speculates That 51 Million Could Die From Coronavirus

In a previous post, I speculated about the possibility that coronavirus infected so many people on our planet that millions of people would die from it causing a reduction in population.

It is reported that Professor Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University has been thinking along the same lines.  He speculates that Wuhan coronavirus could infect 60-80% of the human population causing 51 million deaths.

Such an outcome seems highly unlikely at this point.  We still have more to fear from the common flu than coronavirus.

All living species go through cycles of population growth and decline.  Disease is one of the ways that nature controls population growth and makes a species better adapted to the environment.  When the organisms (in this case humans) that can't fight a disease die off, that leaves the organisms that are better adapted genetically to fight the disease. When they breed they will pass their natural immunity on to future generations which makes the species stronger. An inbred resistance to a specific disease is genuine free healthcare, not "free" heathcare that politicians talk about, which will actually cost billions in tax dollars.  It will also prevent the natural free resistance to the disease from becoming part of the species.

With advances in healthcare, the human race has not suffered a major die-off in many decades.  We're long overdue.  It's nothing to fear if you stay focused on the big picture.  It's good for the survival of the species and the planet as well.

My BS degree is in Biology with an emphasis in genetics and evolution.  I'm also a musician and songwriter.  While you're here check out my music.  All this talk about death reminds me of The Song in My Heart from my Billion Dollar Pill album.  All my work is also available on your favorite streaming service as well.

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