Food is a Drug

When I wrote and recorded the song "Food is a Drug" I was thinking of it more as a metaphor.  People eat to make themselves feel better so it acts like a drug.

But it turns out that some foods are literally drugs and are addictive, causing you to get pleasure out of eating them.  Also, like heroin or any other addictive substance, you have withdrawal symptoms, craving more until you satisfy the craving.

Did you know that dairy contains opiates?

Did you know that wheat is addictive because is has a chemical that attaches to opiate receptors in your brain?

Pizza anyone?  Grilled cheese?  Cheeseburger? Milkshake?

Yes!, Yes!, Yes! I want more!

And then there's coffee, the most widely used psychoactive drug in the world.

Yes!  More of that too!  Preferably with some dairy in it!

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