Can't Paste into Hostbaby Blog

I discovered a problem with the blog on my Hostbaby website.  If I copy a quote from an article that I'm blogging about, I can't post it into my Hostbaby blog.  I called their tech support about this and the only suggestion the rep had was to paste into an intermediate application like Notepad and then try copying and pasting from there.  It didn't work.

I've never had this problem before.  I've been using Chrome as my browser.  So I tried Firefox.  It wouldn't paste either and gave me a message that it was a security problem so copying and pasting had been turned off.  It said I could enable those features again by changing my preferences, but it would make the browser less secure.  So maybe it's a security issue in Chrome as well.

Finally, I tried using Safari on my iPad and I had no problem copying from an article and pasting it into his blog.  So I guess that will be workaround from now on.

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