Be Like Sweden

When it comes to dealing with COVID-19, we should all be more like Sweden.  They always kept their young kids in school and had limited lockdowns.  They had a large number of deaths in the beginning but now they have almost zero and are being told they don't need to wear masks anymore.

The US after a couple of months of lockdowns, shutting down the schools and forcing many businesses to close, has death rate that is still increasing.  Some states and local areas are postponing their plans to open up more of their economies.

While Sweden was criticized for having so many deaths in the beginning, they have always had a more long-term realistic approach to dealing with coronavirus. They pushed their deaths forward, the US and most other countries have pushed them into the future unless there is a vaccine suddenly available. 

This chart tells you all you need to know.  They are months ahead of the US and many other countries as well.

For more on why this is happening, read my post from 3-13-2020.





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