How Does Soundcloud Make Money?

Many musicians, including myself, have posted their music on Soundcloud.

For years there have been rumors that the company might be going out of business.  It appears from this article that Soundcloud is improving financially and a recovery is in progress.


A company spokesperson told MBW:  “SoundCloud’s 2018 annual report filed to Companies House shows substantial revenue growth and continued loss reductions vs. 2017. 

“2019 results will be filed later this year, but we are pleased to report SoundCloud surpassed its full-year growth plans for the second year in a row [in 2018], increasing revenue to $127m (€108m). 

“We look forward to continuing to grow SoundCloud’s unique creator-driven ecosystem and business in the year ahead.”


It's an interesting article if you want to know more about Soundscloud is staying alive in the very competitive streaming world.




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