4-8-2020 Number of People With Natural Immunity to Coronavirus Surging

With the media largely focused on the number of new COVID-19 cases and then number of deaths, the number of people who have survived doesn't get as much attention.  There are now over 318,000 who have recovered.  That is an increase of over 55,000 in just three days.  Most likely, these people now possess antibodies to coronavirus and have a natural immunity to it.  They should have nothing to fear from it from this point forward.  The faster this number increases, the faster we will establish a herd immunity in our population and life will return to normal, although most of us don't really know what normal is these days.

There are most likely many people who have had the virus but cleared it without showing any symptoms because the genetic resistance is stronger than people who do become symptomatic or very sick.  Until we have widespread access to antibody testing we won't know the number who have a natural immunity so strong that they never progressed to a full-blown illness.

I discussed natural immunity to coronavirus which causes COVID-19 in a previous post, Natural Immunity to COVID-19 is a Human Right, and several other posts on this blog as well.

Today's map from Johns Hopkins University

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