3-9-2020 COVID-19 Seattle, the World and the Stock Market

My last post on coronavirus was three days ago.  At that point there were just over 102,000 cases worldwide.  Today there are more than 113,000 worldwide, an increase of more than 11,000, or more than 10% in just three days. The number of deaths has exceeding 4,000.

As testing becomes more available we'll probably see even bigger jumps in the numbers.

I live seven miles from Seattle and my city had no cases--until yesterday.  Now we have one, a male in his 60's.  They have not provided any additional information and say they won't unless public health depends on it.  Things are pretty quiet around here with fewer cars on the roads, less people out and about and businesses seeing some substantial declines in customers.  That will probably slow the spread of the virus but it's also totally spooking the stock market which saw its biggest point decline ever today.  Saudi Arabia also started an oil price war which isn't helping the market either.

Another important development is that Italy, which has the largest number of deaths outside of China, has put the entire country on lockdown.

I'm over 60 so I'm spending a lot of time at home.  I can't wait until testing is easy and cheap like The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is working on.  They are hoping to roll out a program in the Seattle area initially because it is the hardest hit area in the country as well as the Gates hometown. People will be able to make better informed decisions about how to deal with their own situation.

Here is today's map from John's Hopkins:

Total cases: 113,739

Total deaths: 4,016

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