3-22-2020 - A Lot More People Recover from COVID-19 Than Die from It

Each day the news about coronavirus COVID-19 keeps getting worse.  A few hundred Italians die every dayThe Spanish death toll is increasing rapidly.  It's not just older, sick people who are becoming seriously ill but many younger people as wellHospitals will soon be unable to treat all the patients who are seriously ill and will be forced to make choices about who lives and who diesPeople are losing their jobs and many won't be able to survive economically unless they get some immediate help. The stock market is crashing faster than it ever has before.  This list goes on.

There are plenty of news articles about the dark side. The good news is, as of today, there all almost 100,000 people who have contracted coronavirus and survived it.  This is far more that the 14,700 who have died from it.  The number of people who have recovered is lower than it will be because when people get sick they get tested.  If they test positive they are immediately counted among the total cases "confirmed."  It can take two weeks  or longer for all symptoms to go away when a patient will be called "recovered."  So the number of recovered lags way behind the confirmed number.

We know that the mortality rate is somewhere around 2-3%, so 97-98% of people will ultimately recover. If the health care system becomes overwhelmed, however, that mortality rate will most certainly increase. There are going to be a lot of difficult times before we have a substantial population of people who have recovered and who have developed a natural immunity to COVID-19. The more of them, the faster we can get over this.  It's going to happen and it's something to be thankful for.

Today's JHU COVID-19 map:

I have written several articles in COVID-19 and you can see them all on my blog page.

I also have written and recorded a couple of songs that might interest you. "A Better Life" which I released about six months ago, is built on Morse Code for SOS.  Some lyrics from it are, "I'm troubled by the state of things, afraid for all mankind."  

"Billion Dollar Pill" was written in 2011 when we were in the depths of the last economic crash.  I knew we were going to get back there again and here we are.

They both seem prescient right now.

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