3-15-2020 Number of Coronavirus Survivors Continues to Grow

As you can see from today's COVID-19 map from Johns Hopkins University, the number of people who have survived a coronavirus infection continues to increase rapidly. The more people who get infected, the greater the number of people who beat the infection by developing a natural immunity to the virus.  Once a person has a natural immunity it is likely that they cannot be infected again or transmit the infection to others. They're free!

Currently numbers:

Cases: 162,687

Recovered: 75,620

Deaths: 6,065

The number of survivors is 12 times the number of deaths.  The number of deaths probably is distorting the real mortality rate because there are almost certainly people who are infected but have symptoms that are so mild that they never get tested or feel sick.  Such people will also not be counted among those recovered.  This will also make the numbers look more dismal than they really are.  (Update 3/16/2020:  A Chinese study confirms that there are many undocumented cases and they are responsible for most of the spread of the disease.)

We won't know the true scope of this pandemic until we have more testing!

I'd also like to point out that the number of cases in the southern hemisphere is starting to grow.  Many people believe that the coronavirus infection rate will slow down as the northern hemisphere moves into summer.  But it is the end of summer in the southern hemisphere and they appear to be getting a steady increase in cases.  We'll have to wait on that one.

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