Why I'm Supporting Mike Bloomberg for President 

As I write this, Bernie Sanders is winning a big victory in the Nevada Caucuses.  This is on top of his victories in Iowa and New Hampshire.  These victories and the "debate" in Las Vegas, which was more like a WWE smack-down inspired me to do some research. I only wish that the MSM would provide us with this information, but they seem more interested in making politics a form of reality TV entertainment.

Bernie’s experience is that he was mayor of Burlington, VT in the 80’s. He was well-regarded according to Wikipedia. But the 2018 population of Burlington is just 42K, which makes it less than half the size of Mayor Pete’s city of South Bend. 

Bernie went on to be US Senator from Vermont, a state that currently has only 626K residents who are 94% white. The 2010 census found it was the second whitest state in the country. 

Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York City for three 4-year terms. It currently has a population of over 8 million people. 2010 Census found it is 45% white (33% non-Hispanic white), 26% black, 33% Hispanic of all types, 12% Asian. As mayor he guided the recovery of the city from 9/11 and also through the financial crisis after the housing bubble popped. New York City is much closer ethnically to the type of country that most liberals say they want. Bloomberg has already governed such a place successfully for 12 years and managed his multi-billion dollar company to boot. His successes as both a public and private executive leave all the other candidates and President Trump looking like inexperienced amateurs. Is it any wonder that Elizabeth Warren and the rest of them want to keep the focus on NDAs and the fact that he’s a billionaire? 

I like a lot about Elizabeth Warren.  She's great at articulating many of the inequities in the marketplace and soceity at large.  She's got plans.  She's got so many plans I wonder if we'll have any freedom to make any plans for our own lives.  But more important is how self-serving she was in the Las Vegas debate.  She knows that Bloomberg's experience and his money are a threat to her campaign as well as the campaigns of the other Democratic candidates.  She wants us to believe that Bloomberg, with all his experience and money, is the least electable of all the candidates.  Check the polls.  She ranks below him in current national polls. Current polls for Bloomberg-Trump.  Current Warren-Trump polls.  Look at the trends.  Trump has been gaining ground on Warren but Bloomberg has been gaining ground on Trump even though he's been in the race for a much shorter period of time.  In tonight's Nevada caucus, Warren is currently in fourth place.  She won't beat Trump from fourth place in primaries.

Rather than fight for the Democrats to beat Trump, which they all claim is their common goal, she attacks Bloomberg for his Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).  He was totally unprepared and that showed.  

NDAs exist so that those who accept a settlement (instead of going to trial) can’t continue to make the same allegations for the rest of the defendant’s life after they’ve settled over them. It’s called moving forward. I’m sure Warren likes to move forward from her Pocahontas days.  In addition, Warren is a lawyer.  She knows the purpose of them, but she's out to get the one person who can beat Trump.

None of these candidates are perfect and they all have some strong points. But after doing this research, I know who is best qualified to sit in the White House. Even if he can’t debate well, he has a history of governing well.

I should add that for years I have felt like I didn't have a political party and have generally voted for third party candidates rather than Democrats or Republicans. I still don't feel like I have a party.  I also don't hate Trump like many liberals and enjoy when his actions challenge the status quo, albeit often like a bull in the china shop.  I do think he's becoming increasingly unhinged, however, and I'm concerned about what he will do in a second term when he doesn't have to worry about impressing voters, not even his own loyal base.

I think a change is necessary.  Bernie Sanders is the Donald Trump of the left.  He has huge rallies with loyal fired-up followers who are looking for a savior.  He's divisive just like Trump. Bloomberg is not perfect but he's the best chance the Democrats have by far.

Trump tweeted his congratulations to Bernie on his Nevada caucus win.  He wants Bernie to be the nominee because he thinks he'll be the easiest to beat.


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Update 2-17-2020: Coronavirus Quarantine on Diamond Princess Fails 

Exactly one week ago, I warned that there was an ethical problem in forcing healthy people to stay in a confined location with sick people, where they are more likely to get sick and possibly die. At that time 66 new cases of COVID-19 infection were reported on the Diamond Princess bringing the total to 136.

There are now 454 cases on the ship and the US in evacuating hundreds of patients back to the US where they will most likely have to spend two more weeks in quarantine.  14 have already tested positive for the virus.  Bringing them to the US will double the number of patients with coronavirus within our borders. 

In one week, the number of cases on the ship exploded by more than three times from 136 to 454!

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health admitted that the idea had failed:

"The quarantine process failed," Fauci said. "I'd like to sugarcoat it and try to be diplomatic about it, but it failed. People were getting infected on that ship. Something went awry in the process of the quarantining on that ship. I don't know what it was, but a lot of people got infected on that ship."

This chart from Zerohedge illustrates what a stunning failure the plan was.  It shows the number of Wuhan coronavirus cases outside of China.  The total cases of infection on the Diamond Princess (454) is more than all the other cases outside of China (435).  And it only took 13 days to get there.

To call the quarantine a failure is almost too kind.  It's not too much of a stretch to say it was a human rights violation that caused a lot people to become infected with a deadly virus they might have avoided had they not been quarantined on a ship with sick people. At least they have admitted to the failure and will be trying another approach that will hopefully be effective.

I repeat what I said in my previous post.  If this virus gets into places where a lot of malnourished, generally unhealthy poor people are packed together it will be a disaster.  And if there is any effort to keep the healthy people in the same location with the sick, it will only cause the infection to spread more quickly among that isolated population.

Here is today's global map of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

Total cases: 73,335

Deaths: 1873

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Update 2-12-2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Cases Explode 

Just yesterday, it was reported that the rate of new cases of coronavirus, now called COVID-19, was slowing down.

Today, the number of cases exploded to over 60,000 globally and deaths increased to over 1,300.

Here's the latest map:

CNBC also has a report on the sudden increase.  It says that the increase is because they are now including "clinically diagnosed" cases. 

What were they including before if not the clinically diagnosed cases? 

If they have broadened the criteria for diagnosis for COVID-19, we should expect to see bigger increases per day than we've seen so far.  We'll soon find out.

Many have long suspected that China was not reporting the full extent of outbreak in their country.

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Hong Kong Scientist Speculates That 51 Million Could Die From Coronavirus 

In a previous post, I speculated about the possibility that coronavirus infected so many people on our planet that millions of people would die from it causing a reduction in population.

It is reported that Professor Gabriel Leung, the chair of public health medicine at Hong Kong University has been thinking along the same lines.  He speculates that Wuhan coronavirus could infect 60-80% of the human population causing 51 million deaths.

Such an outcome seems highly unlikely at this point.  We still have more to fear from the common flu than coronavirus.

All living species go through cycles of population growth and decline.  Disease is one of the ways that nature controls population growth and makes a species better adapted to the environment.  When the organisms (in this case humans) that can't fight a disease die off, that leaves the organisms that are better adapted genetically to fight the disease. When they breed they will pass their natural immunity on to future generations which makes the species stronger. An inbred resistance to a specific disease is genuine free healthcare, not "free" heathcare that politicians talk about, which will actually cost billions in tax dollars.  It will also prevent the natural free resistance to the disease from becoming part of the species.

With advances in healthcare, the human race has not suffered a major die-off in many decades.  We're long overdue.  It's nothing to fear if you stay focused on the big picture.  It's good for the survival of the species and the planet as well.

My BS degree is in Biology with an emphasis in genetics and evolution.  I'm also a musician and songwriter.  While you're here check out my music.  All this talk about death reminds me of The Song in My Heart from my Billion Dollar Pill album.  All my work is also available on your favorite streaming service as well.

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Update 2-10-2020: Coronavirus Deaths Top 1,000 

Today that number of people diagnosed with Wuhan Coronanavirus topped 43,000 and the number of people who ave died topped 1,000.  It is also the first day when the number of deaths increased by more than 100 in one day. Chinese President Xi Jinping, who has remained out of sight throughout the outbreak, appeared in public wearing a face mask.  The WHO chief warned that this could be the "tip of the iceberg."  

Here's today's map:


A cruise ship docked in Japan added 66 to its list of infected passengers, bringing the total to 136.

There is an ethical problem with forcing healthy people to stay in a confined space where they are more likely to catch a disease and possibly die from it.  Nobody seems to be talking about this.  I think is will become a big issue in the future as more people are confined and especially if the virus gets into poor areas like the slums of India or impoverished areas in Africa, where there is no healthcare and no way to determine who is infected and who isn't or how to treat people who are sick.

I can imagine that such places will use the military to try and keep people in a confined area and that it will fail.  The human desire to survive will compel people to escape.  More on this subject later.

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Update 2-6-2020: The Coronavirus Marches On 

Just four days ago there about 19,000 cases of Wuhan Coronavirus worldwide.  Today there are over 31,472.  That's more than a 50% increase in just four days.  There are 638 dead.

Two weeks ago, January 23, 2020, there were 916 cases reported worldwide. Today's total is 34 times that number.

Here is today's map: 

In addition, the Chinese doctor who first sounded the alarm about coronavirus has died from the disease.

Dr. Li Wenliang was threatened by the government and told that he would be "brought to justice" if he didn't stop "making false comments."  It would not be unreasonable to wonder if it was really the coronavirus that killed him.

7,000 passengers are currently quarantined on two cruise ships, one in Japan and one in Hong Kong.

While these numbers sound scary, it is important to note that the flu has infected millions and killed thousands in the US this year and the flu season isn't over yet.

And even if the coronavirus did infect every person on our planet, there will still be a lot of people left to endanger all life here.

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Update 2-3-2020: The Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak vs. Human Population Growth 

The new numbers released today indicated that 20,209 people are infected with the Wuhan coronavirus and 426 people have died as of today, 2-3-2020.  That's a 39% increase in infections from just two days ago and a 40% increase in deaths. The mortality rate has remained fairly constant at 2% but it's still too early to have an exact figure for that.

That's a very large increase in infections and deaths but consider this:  The human population on our planet is about 7.8 billion.  In 1960 is was 3 billion.  In just 60 years the human population has increased by 160% causing the extinction of many other species, widespread pollution, and climate change if you believe what climate scientists are saying.  You have to ask yourself what is the real plague on our planet?

If every person on the planet was infected with the Wuhan coronavirus (and that won't happen) and the 2% mortality rate remained constant, only 156 million people would die from this pandemic.  That is a drop in the bucket that would make very little difference in the impact that human population growth is having on the planet.  Current population growth is 81 million per year so it would only take about two years to replace those 156 million people.

What chart is more frightening?  The chart above which shows the spread of Wuhan coronavirus or this one which shows the growth of human population.

In addition, as I noted in a previous post, the annual influenza virus has already killed thousands of people just in the US.  Between that fact and the exponential growth of human population, Wuhan coronavirus seems to be minor threat at this time.

While you're here, have a listen to my music including my lastest song, "A Better Life."  The underlying rhythm of the song is the Morse Code for SOS, the universal distress signal.  It was released months before the coronavirus outbreak.  


Update: How Many People Have the Wuhan Coronavirus? 

There are been some ominous developments in the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak.

The total number of people infected with the coronavirus is almost 15,000 and the number who have died is now over 300. (See map below.) That's a big jump from a couple of days ago.

The British Medical Journal The Lancet has published a paper written by Hong Kong researchers who say that the official numbers coming out of China are a small fraction of the actual number of infections which they say is over 75,000 as of last week and doubling every 6.4 days.

Today a 44-year-old male patient in the Philipines died from his coronavirus infection. Previously there were no deaths in patients who have been diagnosed outside of China. 

Here is today's map from Johns Hopkins University.  (As of 2-1-2020)



Maps of Wuhan Coronavirus Cases 

This CDC map of the global distribution of Wuhan coronavirus cases will be interesting to watch in the coming weeks. It will be continuously updated. Look here.

The CDC also has a map of the cases in the US that will also be updated as new cases are confirmed.  Look here.

Johns Hopkins has a map of the coronavirus cases in China that is being continuously updated as well.  It is a very concerning map and illustrates why many countries and companies including airlines are limiting travel to China.  Look here.  It's got tons for information about the current status of the outbreak in China.  You can see how the number of cases is going up exponentially.  You can also zoom out and see where it has spread around the globe.  Great map!

Some Perspective on the Wuhan Coronavirus 

The Wuhan coronavirus outbreak is a pretty scary thing when you think about past global pandemics like the Black Death and the Spanish Flu

My major is college was Biology (pre-med) with an emphasis in genetics and evolution. These kinds of epidemics are fascinating to me because our individual genes largely determine how susceptible or resistant to any disease we will be.  That genetic variation in natural resistance is the foundation of evolution.

It seems very clear to me that the Wuhan coronavirus could potentially become a massive global pandemic causing millions of people to become sick and/or die.  It appears that people can be contagious even when they have no symptoms.  It's too early to get an accurate idea of the mortality rate.  Personally I suspect that China's numbers are not very accurate and some major news outlets agree.

But right now, with only four cases reported, people in the US have little risk from the coronavirus and much more to fear from the common flu.  According to the CDC, as of 1/28/2020, there have been 15-21 million flu cases and 8,200-20,000 deaths from flu this season.  Even in China the official death toll is only 80, very few fatalities compared to the flu.

At this time we should be much more concerned about getting the regular seasonal flu than the Wuhan coronavirus.  Another thing to remember, however, is that many millions of people have gotten the flu vaccine this year and there are still millions of cases of flu and thousands of deaths.  How many people would have had the flu and died from it if there had been no vaccine?

There is no vaccine for the coronavirus.  If it starts to take hold in the population, the only defense people will have is their own natural immunity.  That could ultimately lead to far more deaths than we see from any annual flu strain.  It definitely has the potential to become a global pandemic of epic proportions.

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