Food Is a Drug

Chip Gibbons

A fun upbeat song about the relationship between emotions and eating. Composed on an iPad using GarageBand, the quality of the production will surprise you. Like a good meal, it's meant to be shared with your friends.

As a songwriter/composer I try to explore different styles of music. My first album, "Billion Dollar Pill" was more pop/rock/folk influenced. My second, "Isolated Incidents" was synth based, instrumental, and experimental. The three "Trumplandia Cathedral" singles are electronic and dance oriented with an added mystery element thrown in.

This latest single, which was actually written before many of the other songs, is based on the classic 12-bar blues structure, with some funk/rock elements thrown in. It also has experimental elements and a lyric with something to think about. It was written, mixed and mastered exclusively on an iPad using GarageBand.

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