A Better Life

Chip Gibbons

A song expressing concern for the future of mankind that is built on top of the Morse Code for SOS, the universal distress signal.

This song expresses distress over the current state of mankind on our planet. Of course there is a lot that is great for many of us in our current lives, but there are also many problems, for example economic, environmental, political problems that are not being taken seriously. We may already be past the point of no return with some of them.

This song began as a simple acoustic arrangement but evolved into something with a greater sense of urgency, one of the reasons I added horns to the arrangement. The music also rides on top of the Morse Code for SOS, which is three dots, three dashes, three dots. SOS stands for Save Our Souls which is the universal distress signal.

The song also changes time signatures, going from 4/4, to 3/4 (waltz) in the bridge, and then back to 4/4.

In addition the music deviates from a straight D minor key, using an A major chord wherever an A minor would be expected.

One problem with the idea of a better life is that everybody has their own idea of what a better life is. Humans have long fought wars over whose idea of a better life is better.

The album cover, which I also designed, reflects this. The picture frames contain blank canvases so that others can photoshop their ideas for a better life into them and distribute them on social media. You might put your favorite presidential candidate in there or a religious figure or some other symbol or image that is important to you. This will promote the song, but also make people think about what their own better life would be.

Audience participation helps.

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