Album: Billion Dollar Pill

Billion Dollar Pill

Chip Gibbons

An intimate, thoughtful, unique collection of beautifully arranged songs written, performed and produced by one man.

From the light rock satire of the title track, "Billion Dollar Pill", to the thoughtful musings on quantum physics in "Oh" and the layered voices of "Your Face", this album offers a selection of tracks outside the mainstream of pop music. The lyrical content deals with subjects like depression ("Inside a Hole"), war and father/son relationships ("Father"), sadness at Christmastime ("Anyway"), and the inevitability of death after a lifetime of enduring enigmatic realities ("The Song in My Heart").

All tracks on this album were written, performed and produced by Chip Gibbons. When no committees are involved in the creative process, it is bound to be the expression of one individual's vision. By itself, that doesn't guarantee a deeply personal or intimate result, but it certainly leaves the door wide open for such a result to occur. That is what happened with this collection of music.

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