It's hard to say which streaming platform is the best given that each listener has different needs.  They all have different user interfaces and some will work better for you than others.

But for musicians, producers, songwriters, and those who love them, it is important to support the services that pay artists the most.  Why stream on a platform that pays one third of a penny per stream (Spotify), or even one tenth of a penny per stream (YouTube), when you can listen to the same music on a service that pays more than one penny per stream (Napster and Tidal)?  If I like an artist don't I want them to be able to eat and keep a roof over their head? 

Check out this infographic from and you can see how the different streaming platforms compare. (click for larger)

If is unfortunate that the most popular services pay the smallest amount to the artists and the least popular pay the most to the artists.  That's good for the executives but not the musicians.  So think before you subscribe.

Remember that most platforms have a free trial period and the ability to cancel at any time.  Why not try out the ones that pay best before you choose one that believes artists should work for free like slaves?  Do you believe artists should work for free like slaves?


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