This will not be a full review of the Napster streaming service.  I've been using it for about three weeks and a couple of things make it a standout in my view: Even EarPrint and payment to musicians.

First, and this is really a HUGE advantage, they not only stream the music but give you a way to improve your listening experience.  It's called Even EarPrint. Napster didn't invent it but they include it in their apps so you can use it with your existing headphones or ear buds. It allows you to take a quick hearing test to tailor the sound to fit your own hearing and the headphones you use.  You can can create multiple EarPrint profiles for different headphones and/or different users.  The EQ profile it creates is so well-tailored to your own hearing that can hear things you don't usually hear and you may be shocked at how good your headphones suddenly sound.

It's worth the 30-day free trial just to experience it.

Second, they pay musicians/artists more per stream than other streaming services. I wrote about this before and the graphic in that post gives a great comparison of the major streaming services.

Check it out!


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