The reason is that without meaningful changes to the way musicians get compensated, creativity will suffer immeasurably – and with it, the entire music industry. Consider that the revenue streams created by record sales and concerts once formed an informal infrastructure that continually bred new artists. Without such revenue streams in place – or something similar to replace them – the time will come when musicians will have no practical way to stay afloat, forcing them to give up and many would-be ones never to try at all.

I've added a couple of music videos to YouTube which you can also access on this site by using the VIDEOS navigation button or this link.

They are both very beautiful to watch.

CNBC has an interesting article on streaming which is focused on Spotify's efforts to survive the costs of growth which include the cost of acquiring new subscribers and artist and record label demands to be paid more for streaming their music.

The article also talks about court cases that will ultimately set the cost per stream.  The article says Apple has suggested 9.1 cents ($.09) for 100 streams which amounts to .00091 per stream.

The decision expected at some point in 2017 will determine pay rates until 2022 and Apple has suggested a flat rate of 9.1 cents per 100 streams.

I believe this is an error because Spotify currently pays from $.006-.008 per stream.  I suspect that Apple is suggesting $.0091 per stream or $.91 per 100 because that is close to the rate I currently see on my streams, which is much better than Spotify. So if Spotify has to pay the rated suggested by Apple, they might have to surrender their butts to the giant.

At point I saw Spotify promoting a Family Plan which allowed six users to stream unlimited amounts for $15/mo.  I don't see how they could pay for the music and the infrastructure when charging so little.

I can tell you from my own experience that Apple Music has paid the most per stream of any of the streaming services, averaging around .01 per stream. 

There are many other interesting angles to this story and I encourage you to read the entire article here.


This article says that streaming is now 51% of music sales and the dollar amount of sales is up by a billion dollars.

They also suggest that CDs are done for good.  But there are other indicators that they are starting to come back.

For the record, I don't use Autotune on my recordings.  When I sing in public, I'm actually singing, too.  :-)

The Wall Street Journal reports on how legacy acts dominate concerts and ticket sales and asks what happens to the business as they die off.

It’s going to be easier to become a performer with an audience, but harder to become an entrenched arena act,” Nathan Hubbard, forker chief executive of Ticketmaster, wrote in an online piece for the website The Ringer last year.

Last year, Prince’s greatest-hits album, “The Very Best of Prince,” released in 2001, sold nearly 670,000 copies in the U.S. That was more than Rihanna’s “Anti,” which sold 603,000 copies, or Justin Bieber’s “Purpose,” which sold 554,000, two hit records that were among the year’s biggest sellers, according to Nielsen.

In today's music market, it should be easy for a lot of musicians to make a modest living from. their work because there are so many ways they can build an audience on their own.  I think that audiences need to get used to that idea and become more independent is how they choose which artists to listen to and support.

The release of my first three Trumplandia Cathedral tracks is now complete.

Trumplandia Cathedral (Translation Mix) was released today.  You can hear it on my music tab and also at most other online music sites like Apple Music and Spotify.  The translation mix is the English translation of Trumplandia Cathedral (Gibberish Mix).

Sometime next week (the week of March 12), I'm planning to release an instrumental mix of Trumplandia Cathedral.  Are you ready?  :-)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new musical adventure for me.  I'm releasing my first dance track.  It's called Trumplandia Cathedral (Gibberish Mix).  It will be available on iTunes, Amazon,, Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and many other sites.

There are plenty of places you can hear it for free.  I'd love to know what you think of it.

Here's the cover art which is a NASA image of the Helix Nebula.

It's not just vinyl sales that are soaring.  Consumers are buying books in actual bookstores, board games and also film-based cameras.  Digital technology is a great thing, but my opinion this new embrace of the non-digital is a great thing.

Check out this short, interesting video on the subject.

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