I've noticed that the battery on my Android phone (Samsung Galaxy S4) doesn't last very long.  I assumed it was because the battery was getting old and bought a new one, but that didn't make a lot of difference.  

I started checking the battery usage under settings and learned something very interesting. (Settings>Battery)

I had two music streaming apps on my phone.  Spotify and Napster.  I had been using Napster but don't use it any longer.  But I saw that it was using more battery than any other apps on my phone AND IT WASN'T EVEN RUNNING according to the list of active apps you get when you long-press the home key.  Napster was always at the top of the list, usually using around 10% of the battery since the last charging.

So I deleted the Napster app.  Then Spotify started to appear at the top of list of battery hogs.  It was also using about 10% of the battery since the last recharge.  It was also NOT ACTUALLY RUNNING.  I had not started the app and it wasn't on the list of active tasks.

So I'm totally confused how both of these apps were consuming so much battery power when I had not actually loaded them and the Android task list didn't list them as running.

So I deleted the Spotify app as well.

Now the only music streaming app on my phone is Amazon.  I had been using the free Amazon Prime music streaming and recently upgraded to the Amazon Unlimited music service for the 3 month trial at $.99/month.

The Amazon Music app does not appear on the list of battery usage when it is not loaded and my battery is lasting much longer!

Try this on your own phone and let me know in the comments if you have the same problem.

I loved this movie about Queen and Freddie Mercury.  Rami Malek is remarkable playing Freddie. I thought the recreation of the Live Aid concert was better than the original.  LOL

I have newfound respect for them as musicians and a band. Exceptionally talented guys all around.


This map shows the 24 countries where my music was streamed on Spotify during Nov.2018.  Only the to ten countries are listed at the right.

It's always fun to discover a great album that you missed when it was originally released.

"Innuendo" which was released by Queen in 1991, is such an album.  The release was just months before Mercury died from AIDS.  It's full of great songs, great production and shows off the incredible vocal talents of Freddie Mercury. 

I was planning to see Bohemian Rhapsody anyway but after listening to "Innuendo", I can't wait. 

You can listen to it on Napster or your favorite streaming site.

My favorite cut is "I'm Going Slightly Mad."  What's yours?

Barbra Streisand's latest album "Walls" is quite an amazing piece of work, especially when you consider her age and the length of her amazing career.

Check it out.  Even if you're not a fan of her politics, you have to admit she's still got an extraordinary, unique talent.  She shows it off brilliantly in her latest work.

On Napster.

My latest release, Time Askew, is available for streaming on Napster as well as other streaming platforms.

Have a listen.  Two minutes of something new!

My latest release, Time Askew, is available on CD Baby and Bandcamp.

It is also available on your favorite streaming platform.  Have a listen and tell me what you think.

Since digital music is at the center of the music business these days,  for essential for musicians to have a digital distribution company to get their work into digital stores, like iTunes and Amazon, and streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Napster.

There are an increasing number of companies that do digital distribution.  Some of the best-known are CD Baby, Tunecore, and DistroKid, but there are many more.

This article by Ari Herstand offers the most detailed comparison that I've read anywhere. Digital distribution is not a one-size-fits-all proposition.  So it's important to do your homework to find the best company for your needs.  That can be difficult because some of the companies don't disclose all of their fees up front.  It can also be hard to understand exactly what services they offer. 

Ari's article is a great place to start your search or to compare what you already have with other options out there that might work better for you.

The Music Modernization Act, which was supported by both parties in Congress, was signed into law by President Trump.

The Music Modernization Act, which received complete bipartisan support, most notably guarantees that songwriters and artists receive royalties for songs recorded prior to 1972. It also creates a new organization -- run by publishers and songwriters -- that’s tasked with identifying copyright owners and paying them their royalties if songs are played on streaming platforms like Spotify and Apple Music. Overall, it establishes a new standard for setting digital royalty rates for songwriters and publishers.

It will take some time to understand the details.

For a very funny, informative look at today's pop music, watch this video.


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